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How to Stop Digicel Advertising text messages

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Mobile Phone Company Digicel PNG has been sending out advertising text messages on its network. Sometimes these text messages become nuisances to mobile phone users. Below is a step on how to stop those messages. We can not guarantee that Digicel will implement your request immediately, however, you can make a request to Digicel by using the following steps. 


Digicel implemented an opt-out solution in early September this year. This was done after consultation with the regulator, NICTA (National Information & Communications Technology Authority).

A customer can send a free sms with the letters 'DND' to the code 16022.

Within 48 hours the customer will be put on a blacklist which means they will not get any sms messages/adverts from Digicel other than service messages (eg. network outages, responses to credit top ups).

*The above information has been advised in writing by Digicels Senior Legal Counsel.