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The young generation of consumers in the world is becoming more technology-savvy every year as technology advances.
Due to this trend amongst our young people, many companies  opened a world-class retail outlet respective countries.  This retail shop are selling a variety of the latest electronic gadgets.

With the availability and access to technologies like the internet, people are now able to connect to social networks, blogs and other sites to get information on the latest and upcoming gadgets in the market.

This has prompted a demand for the latest electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and the latest in computer games this festive season.

According to the Internet World Statistics website, in 2012, there 370 million internet users world wide. 

These statistics are bound to rise as more and more consumers have access to smartphones, tabloids and other electronic gadgets.

Many companies  are  faced with the current demand for the latest electronic gadgets.  

It has highlighted strategies it has in place in addressing these ever-changing consumer trends and behaviours.
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