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PNG University of Technology Computer system crashes, chaos in student registration

A COMPUTER glitch has added to Lae University of Technology registration woes.

Vice-chancellor Dr Albert Schram said yesterday the online registration system for Unitech has crashed, having been infiltrated by a systems virus.

The glitch had been experienced since Tuesday. It comes on the heels of the travel dilemma for tertiary students which has prevented at least 2800 students arriving on campus by the Monday, February 2, deadline to register.

Dr Schram told Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakai Tabar, who opened the 2015 academic year at Unitech yesterday, that students already on campus could not register until network and systems technicians destroy the virus. Registration was due to resume after midday yesterday but not all of the accepted students have arrived, meaning classes would be affected.

Mr Tabar said the initial hiccup was in Port Moresby with the late issuance of plane tickets.

He said the arrangement in place was for the two universities, UPNG and Unitech, to be given the ticketing responsibility under an arrangement with Air Niugini. However, the universities had been left out under the current arrangement under which a private travel company was engaged to facilitate the travels, Mr Tabar said. He said the current arrangement should apply only to all other tertiary institutions, not UPNG and Unitech.

Mr Tabar said the matter would be rectified so that there would be no repeat of the current fiasco.

Mr Tabar reaffirmed that 6800 students of the 19,000-plus Grade 12 students who sat for national examinations had been offered scholarships to study at various tertiary institutions this year.

In a related Unitech development, vice-chancellor Dr Albert Schram has been signed on for a second term, confirming his competent and visionary leadership, the university council informed Mr Tabar yesterday.

Unitech chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan said the vice-chancellor had shown good leadership. Sir Nagora said the council had the confidence in also confirming all other acting positions of the pro-vice-chancellors.
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