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Silicon Valley Experts to Train PNG’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Trainers from the world-famous Silicon Valley will visit Papua New Guinea to train 40 shortlisted applicants of the Kumul Game Changers business plan competition. They are expected in June to host a three-day entrepreneurship bootcamp, the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea.

The Kumul Game Changers is a business plan competition aimed at identifying, training and resourcing exciting and emerging Papua New Guinean entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to solve problems in their communities and contribute to the nations development. The initiative was launched in December 2014 by Kumul Foundation Inc. and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), supported by the Australian Government.

Since the launch of the initiative more than 142 ideas were submitted through online platform on the Kumul Game Changers website.

"Entrepreneurship is a significant player in solving the world's problems. Unfortunately unlike many other nations, PNG does not have an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and we will try to solve this with our program” said Mr Smaré, chairman of Kumul Foundation Inc.

"We've been amazed at the response nationwide…some of the ideas are extraordinary, absolutely world-class, and they were provided by Papua New Guineans from different walks of life,” he added.

The competition is open for Papua New Guineans, both aspiring and with existing businesses. The applications can be submitted through user-friendly application form on www.kumulgamechangers.com website. Deadline for submission is 15th of March, 2015.

 “The United Nations is pleased to be involved in this very new, innovative initiative for Papua New Guinea. We are looking for individuals that can make transformative changes through innovation and address problems in a new way.

"If we look across the world the best ideas come from the people who experience problems and come up with particular solutions. These are the people who take actions and set role models for others.

"If we inspire them, if we provide them with the right support, this country will be in a very different position in the future”, said Roy Trivedy, UNDP Resident Representative.

To inform and engage applicants, several information sessions or “Kumul Hubs” are taking place in Port Moresby and in the provinces.

The program is anticipated to run for five years; and create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs that can tackle some of Papua New Guinea's most pressing challenges through impact enterprises in the private sector.
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