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Digicel improves cyber security with new firewall

Mobile Phone company DIGICEL has enhanced its service and introduced a firewall for businesses to help protect them against email borne attacks in PNG.
The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to protect mail servers from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing, undelivered emails, unsecured emails, data leaks and spyware attacks.
Head of business solutions for Digicel Pacific, Gary Cobain said: “While email is a critical business application, it exposes businesses to a variety of threats from time-wasting spam to data theft, to hacking and viruses. As an ISP (internet service provider) we consider Spam and Virus filtering an integral service for our customers.
Digicel Business through the Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall provides comprehensive protection against the most current email-borne threats that can cripple any network if left unprotected.”
The new Spam and Virus Firewall contain features that greatly enhance the accuracy of spam filtering.
Key features include; user-based filtering, individual spam scoring, personal allow and block lists, end-user quarantine, digest emails, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration. At this stage Digicel Business has deployed appliances to protect mails hosted with Daltron.com.pg and mail.online.net.pg respectively.
“With this implementation, we are providing full email protection for our network and to our customers,” Cobain said.
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