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Phone Banking on Bmobile Vodafone network in Papua New Guinea

Bmobile-Vodafone offers you a quick and easy way to do your banking with Bank South Pacific (BSP).Checking your balance and transferring funds between nominated accounts couldn’t be any more convenient. It’s banking on the run so no more queues for you!
Currently, BSP SMS banking via bmobile-Vodafone offers Balance Check- checking your BSP account balance and Funds Transfer-transferring money in between nominated BSP accounts.
What is SMS banking?
SMS banking is a technology-enabled service offering from banks to their customers, permitting them to operate selected banking services over their mobile phones using SMS messaging. These include services such as bank balance checks and funds transfer.
How can I be eligible to use SMS banking service?
  • Must be a BSP account holder.
  • Register with the BSP SMS Banking service – Application forms are available from all BSP branches nationwide
 Can I use my bmobile-Vodafone phone to use this service?
Yes, currently bmobile-Vodafone offers this service with Bank South Pacific (BSP) only.

What kind of banking services are available with BSP SMS banking via bmobile-Vodafone?
bmobile-Vodafone offers 2 kinds of services with BSP SMS banking:
a) Balance Check – Checking your BSP Account balance.
b) Funds transfer – Transferring money between norminated BSP accounts.

How do I use my bmobile-Vodafone phone to check my BSP bank account balance via SMS banking?
Note: you can check any account that you have registered with BSP SMS Banking.
For example, if you have a BSP Kundu Card account, you can check your current balance and available balance by SMS using your bmobile-Vodafone phone.
Here’s how…
  • On your phone Menu, click on bmobile-Vodafone Services
  • A prompt will pop up showing English or Pidgin. Select your preferred language.
  • Next prompt will show bmobile-Vodafone service and SMS banking. Select SMS banking
  • Key the word “Bal” followed by the account number that you want to query
  • To obtain the balance of the first account the customer can simply text “Bal” or send a blank SMS to 16277
  • SMS Banking responds with current account balance and available balance

How do I use my bmobile-Vodafone phone to perform a fund transfer with BSP SMS banking?
This service allows you to transfer money to your other BSP accounts or other nominated BSP accounts. These accounts must be the nominated accounts you registered with SMS Banking upon intial application.
For example: Jack has a BSP Kundu Saver account and BSP Cheque account. Upon applying for the service, Jack discloses both his BSP account numbers, and also includes his mum’s account number and his dad’s account number. This service will allow Jack then to transfer money from his Kundu Saver to his cheque account and if he wants to send money to his parents, he can also just transfer the funds just by SMS to either his mums or his dads BSP accounts.

Here’s how funds can be transferred between accounts…
  • On your phone Menu, click on bmobile-Vodafone Services
  • A prompt will pop up showing English or Pidgin. Select your preferred language.
  • Next prompt will show bmobile-Vodafone Service and SMS Banking. Select SMS Banking
  • BSP Bank will appear as your only option
  • Next prompt will show Query and Money Transfer. Select Money Transfer
  • A pop up box asking for your SMS Tag will appear. The SMS tag should be the same as stated on your initial SMS banking application.
Example: MUM for your mothers BSP account number.
  • Type in Pay, allow space then type the SMS tag, followed by space and then type inamount
Example: Pay MUM 30
  • Send message to 16277
  • SMS Banking responds with a confirmation code
  • Customer is to reply with this code to confirm transfer request to 16277
  • SMS Banking responds with a transaction number
 How much is charged to use these services?
Each SMS sent to 16277 to check bank account balance or to transfer funds between bank accounts will cost 22t per SMS.
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