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How to transfer data between Digicel Phones and modems

The following outlines how you can send data from one mobile phone to another or to dongles/modems. This only applies to Digicel network in PNG. We are not sure of other countries digicel network codes. 

The  code that you can use to send data credits straight to your modem  or other digicel phones  are: 

for a 10t charge, you can send data to your modem. Simply follow the transfer codes below:

30D:   1.5Gb (30Days):  *129*modemNumber/ Phone Number*1500# <Send>
MEGA:  1.9Gb (15Days):  *129*modemNumber/Phone Number*1900# <Send>
SUPER: 5.0Gb (30days):  *129*modemNumber/Phone Number*5000# <Send>
JUMBO: 9.5Gb (30Days):  *129*modemNumber/Phone Number*9500# <Send>

Note. You can either use phone number or modem number after the *129* code. 
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