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Internet vital for Small Businesses in Papua New Guinea

Small businesses in the market cannot compete internationally if they are using low speed Internet or lack knowledge of its use because the Internet is a vital tool in the business world.

Dr Bea Duffield of Australian Business Volunteer said that Internet can also be described as the second arm of an individual and has become a part of life today.

She said this while training the 16 women in the Your Enterprise Scheme. She discovered that the women lack knowledge about the Internet.

"Internet is the basic tool for getting funds, for getting your message out, delivering your packages and a lot more," Dr Duffield told them

She said that in the courses that have been prepared there was not much information about IT in them and when consulting the women if they had email accounts, she was surprised to find out these women have little knowledge about it. "One of the things I’ve learned and one of the things I am going to recommend is to improve the course, because every time a person runs this course you always want to improve by adding a section that will have Internet courses," she said.
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