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Science and Technology vital for development of Papua New Guinea

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and
Technology Hon. Malakai Tabar 
A workshop aiming at understanding the importance of Science and Technology in the development of PNG was hosted today by the PNG Science and Technology Secretariat with the theme “ The strategic plan for knowledge and innovation for competitive and sustainability prosperous PNG”.
The workshop brought together a diverse group of people from policy makers, scientist, engineers and stake holders that presented papers on the knowledge and innovation in the development of PNG through the role of research, science and Technology.
Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakai Tabar said the workshop is very important and it’s timely for today’s government who will be very much depending on ideas from people with in this area to bring more development into the country.
“With the whole world going through globalization and rapid expansion of Information and Technology, PNG needs a key driver in development and Science and Technology have a major role in that area” said Minister Tabar.
However, Minister Tabar encouraged those involved with the government’s Vision 2050 Science and Technology plan to make it a priority that their work is fruitful and beneficial to Papua New Guineans as this hasn’t been case since the establishment of the Science and Technology Secretariat.
“The proposed Science and Technology plan must have a clear focus for research in growing the national economy, enhance productivity, increase job creation and people engagement and contribute to improving living standards and quality of life of our people” said Minister Tabar.
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