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Telikom PNG to launch Data Centre in 2016

Telikom chief executive officer Michael Donnelly has announced that a new Data Centre will be set up in Port Moresby to cater for the needs of the large and small business houses in the country.

Speaking at the close of the Telikom-sponsored Pennants competition- at the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club, Mr Donnelly said Telikom has been able to achieve a lot despite trying conditions. Some he named included rebuilding the main telecommunications infrastructure to cater for the dramatically changing telecommunications segment market.

"Along with our subsidiary company Datec, we are investing heavily in a new data centre here in Port Moresby, and that’s another service for those organisations, whether you are large or small.

"If you want to house your data offsite, those services will be available, and that data centre is to a world’s best practice standard. It is another commercial service that Telikom will launch in 2016," he said.

Mr Donnelly assured that with the level of investment being made by that, services such as the Internet, data services, and others which seemingly maybe a little sluggish today would improve.

He said Telikom is an important institution in the technology sector and is up to that challenge, but requires smart young Papua New Guineans who are joining the company in droves to manage the future of the business.

Mr Donnelly said Telikom, which has 28 branches throughout the country, will be launching with bemobile, a 4G mobile service in January.
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