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Internet retail tax queried in PNG

Papua New Guinea Customs is trying to collect taxes missed out from the internet retail business, Chief Commissioner Ray Paul says.
He said during the PNG biennial national manager’s conference in Madang the E-Commerce or internet retail was one of the issues affecting duty collection. 
They need to collect it as part of the Government revenue. Paul said people were purchasing items online.
“When people purchase online, they get to purchase goods from overseas in small quantities,” he said
Papua New Guinea Customs will measure out how much loss has been made on revenue collection through E-Commerce and adjust its policies to cater for duty collection. “People are making use of that opportunity to do business. 
“Our group is trying to look at how much are we losing in revenue,” he said. 
“If we see some significance, we will obviously change our policies.
Paul said the same policy would apply for border trading, especially the PNG and Batas trading. 
“That’s the same policy we are applying at Wutung (in Sandaun) too,” he said. 
“If anybody goes to the Batas market – on the Indonesian side of the boarder – and bring in phones, it’s below the required amount so we don’t charge fees.
Paul said the duty fee collection was very important because the department was expected to generate 25 per cent of the total Government revenue. Paul declined to reveal how much PNG Customs made last year but said 25 per cent of the country’s revenue generated by Customs was used on basic service delivery.
The PNG biennial national manager’s conference was attended by port managers, section directors, regional directors and assistant commissioners. The National
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