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Bmobile-Vodafone announces partnership with Post Courier

Mobile Phone Company Bmobile-Vodafone has announced partnership with Newspaper Company Post Courier.
Now you can get tomorrow’s headlines delivered today thanks to bmobile-vodafone.
What is the service?
• bmobile-vodafone customers can subscribe to Post Courier SMS Headline subscription service
What is the short code I send the text to ?
• Mobile Short Code is 206
What is the cost?
• Cost per SMS headline is 49t
What are the key words?
• Send keywords to short code 206
*Post Courier news...sms JOIN POST to 206
*Post Courier Sports...sms JOIN SPORTS to 206
*Post Courier Business...sms JOIN BIZ to 206
*Highlands News...sms JOIN HIGH to 206
*Momase News...sms JOIN MOM to 206
*Southern News...sms JOIN SOU to 206
*Island News...sms JOIN ISL to 206
*Bougainville News...sms JOIN BGN to 206
Please note: Keywords are not necessarily case sensitive
On receiving a successful subscription you will receive the following message:
You have subscribed to <keyword>. You will be charged 49toea/day. To stop the service, send STOP <keyword> to 206
How do I stop the subscription?
To stop the subscription to each of these headlines, text STOP < keyword> and send to 206. eg: To stop Business Subscription send STOP BIZ to 206.
You will then receive the following message:
We have discontinued your subscription to <keyword>. If you wish to subscribe again, reply JOIN <keyword>
What happens in case I do not have sufficient balance?
• In the event that you do not have enough credits to subscribe, the following default insufficient message will be sent:
Sorry, you do not have enough credits for this subscription! Recharge now at a nearby dealer or visit www.bmobile.com.pg
When do I receive the headline news?
You will receive the headline news anytime in the evening after 5 pm the same day.
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