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How to make free calls on Digicel Mobile Phone Network

Like many mobile phone companies in the world, calls using Digicel mobile phone network is not free. That means, the user has to pay for the calls. Users in PNG and the Pacific have to pay before making calls. 

However, there is good news for Digicel Mobile phone users in PNG. Digicel has announced a promotion that offers 100 minutes free calls.  This promotion gives you free calls from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am next day.
In order to get the free calls. You simply follow the steps below.

1. Top up your mobile phone with K5 unit (Flex Cards) or more.

2. You will get a text message notification from Digicel on  ID No. 16123 informing you that you         have received           100 minutes free call. Reply the text with the word “Yes” to the same 
       number (16123). Digicel   will inform you with a text message “your 100 minute free                         call has         been activated”.

3. Please note that you will only use the 100 minutes free calls between 11:00 pm – 7:00am.  

Note: i. One of the disadvantage of this promotion is that, the 100 minutes free call is made available very late at night through to early mornings next day. Nobody would prepare stay awake to make calls. 

ii. The 100 minutes free calls are available everyday so simple top up K5 or more.  

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