Telikom introduces High Speed 3G/4G Internet Services to Madang

MADANG is the latest township to have its residents experience the real 3G/4G LTE  internet access with Telikom PNG.

Residents turned up in numbers to swap their CDMA devices for a 3G/4G handset and went straight into hooking up on the internet.

Promotional devices earmarked for the swap was scooped during the first half of the day.

Those that missed out on the free devices headed into the front sales office to purchase a SIM card that were sold between the prize ranges of K5 to K20 with the later SIM starter pack offering 5GB worth of data.

Telikom Business Development Manager, Bill Wartovo, said Telikom commenced the rollout of the 3G/4G service in the last quarter of 2016 having gone LTE live in Port Moresby, Lae, Kerema, Buka and Arawa.

He added that for 2017, Telikom PNG will have rolled out its 3G/4G network to many of the urban centers around the country with Madang first to come on line 2017.

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