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Telikom PNG owns subsea cables

The ownership of the subsea cable from Port Moresby to Sydney in Australia and Madang to Guam is rightfully Telikom PNG’s, serving as the international gateways.
Acting chief executive officer for Telikom PNG Xavier Victor clarified the ownership of the submarine cables yesterday.
Mr Victor clarified this following confusion of the ownership and the different subsea cables owned by Telikom and operated within and out of the country.
He said the subsea cables from Port Moresby to Sydney (APNG2) and Madang to Guam (PPC-1) are owned by Telikom PNG serving as the international gateways.
The broadband capacity on these subsea cables are leased to other entities including DataCo.
The domestic fibre network, on the other hand, is owned by Dataco which is that of the cable between Madang and Port Moresby via Lae, Goroka, Mt Hagen and the Hides in which Telikom could also lease to carry its domestic traffic.
Mr Victor said Telikom still partly owns the Port Moresby to Sydney subsea cables in partnership with Telstra.
Meanwhile the business community in Kokopo have raised the question of being able to receive such service from Telikom within the New Guinea Islands as well.
Hence, the question raised by the Kokopo business community to install submarine cable from Kokopo to Lae via Kimbe to service the NGI is an item to discuss with DataCo.
Telikom is moving another step forward with the rollout of its latest 4G project, and still improving its services and products to the mass population, these include improving the communication link out of the country as well as within the country. Post Courier
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