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Basil eyes cheaper internet for Papua New Guinea

MORE than a K100 million in internet costs will be reduced with the full use of the Integrated Government Information System, says Papua New Guinea Minister for Communication, Information Technology and Energy Sam Basil.
“The idea of a cheaper, affordable and reliable computer internet services in the public sector and generally in Papua New Guinea are within reach,” Basil said.
He has directed his officers to prepare a submission to the National Executive Council for all Government agencies to use the new system.
He said it had the potential of reducing internet costs from around K160 million to K40 million.
“At the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) hosted by Nicta (National Information Communication and Technology Authority), I was excited to know that work is far advanced with some exciting announcements coming soon to significantly reduce the costs of internet with the local hosting of key servers like Google,” he said.
The private sector is also expected to benefit from the reduction in internet costs, according to Nicta chief executive Charles Punaha.
Punaha said that these reductions were expected next year with global content providers to operate through the local IXP.
“At the moment, all the local traffic is being exchanged in our local IXP. Once we get Google, Facebook and other major content providers on board, we will see real cuts in the cost of internet services.” The National /PT
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