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Investing in ICT vital for PNG's growth, says PM O'Neill

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has said  that investing in key ICT infrastructure, especially broadband access, is the key and an enabler of growth to meet existing and future demands and new markets.

ICT infrastructure are one of the major policies and agendas now being discussed at the APEC Leaders and Ministers Meeting in Vietnam.

“Today we live in a very much digital world and of course the continued use of technology in our economies is growing by the day. PNG needs to continue to build on that so that our communities, because of our remoteness, also use our technologies to participate in the economy well being and of course their own well being,” Mr O’Neill said.

“PNG must take advantage of these new technologies, and I’m very pleased to see that many of our young people are starting to adapt to technology as a means of course in creating opportunities for themselves and also creating applications that are relevant in our communities. Some of the applications are being used, not only by government but by enterprises within the country, and I think it is important that PNG continues to support this advancement.

“I want to also take the opportunity to thank the government and the people of Australia for their continued support in this respect. There will be an announcement during this APEC meeting between our government.

“The Australian Government, in so far as the partnership, we are developing to build infrastructure, that is technology and the applications for PNG economy, and that will also benefit our neighbouring countries like Solomon Islands.

“Again let me stress this as very important for our small businesses. APEC is an organisation that is very much focused in the support of opportunities for small to medium enterprises.”
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