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Phone companies a boost for business in PNG

INCREASED coverage by telecommunication companies in Papua New Guinea will mean a greater market for businesses, Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s chief executive David Conn says.
Conn said that this potential was ideal for emerging businesses which did not require the traditional establishment of businesses.
“This is a tremendous opportunity not only for young Papua New Guineans to enter this digital fora as it cuts out all of the issues of renting out premises and other costs and you are very much your own boss,” Conn said.
“Clearly bandwidth is going to be an issue for these young people and the cost for that bandwidth. It is incumbent on the Government to make sure that this does change for the better and I think that there is now talk of another cable into the country. The two main operators, especially Digicel, have a major share while bmobile-Vodafone is increasing their share. They need to be able to penetrate into all the areas of PNG.
“As to the question of there being a need for another operator, well with a population of about eight million, that is quite possible but that is a commercial decision to be made.
“I think that the evidence shows that there are not too many people rushing to enter the market.
“We have one or two characters floating around with licenses but (they) have not really done anything.
“The issue will be bandwidth and cost of it and there are stellar opportunities if that can be handled well.
“The amount of digital transactions have increased over the past few years as with the advent of mobile and internet banking and it has grown exponentially.
“It is the future of business that emerging business will have to make the most of.” The National
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