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How and Where to register SIM cards in PNG?

Directives of PNG NICTA (National Information and Communication Technology Authority) require all subscribers  on Digicel, Bmobile-Vodafone and Telikom Network to register SIM cards. If you are on any of the mobile phone providers that is either Digicel, Bmobile-Vodafone or Telikom, you must follow the following steps to register your mobile phone SIM card.

The Advantage of SIM registration

Apart from it being a mandatory requirement, registering your SIM card allows you to safeguard your SIM card and will ease verification for SIM replacements at a later date.

How to register your SIM.

1. Visit a SIM registration point closest to you. Remember to bring your ID along. Fill in a form and submit it to the agent.

2. The agent will then capture a few details and take a picture of:

  • The form
  • The ID (Passport, NID, Driver's License, Work ID)
  • The individual (in person)

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