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Beware of fake promotion scams

A man who was almost scammed this week is warning the public to be wary of text messages or phone calls notifying them that they have won a promotion.

Ben Damien, 29 from Simbu received a text message on Tuesday Dec 2 notifying him that he had won a BSP Mobile Banking Promotion worth K70, 000.

He said that the man who had contacted him introduced himself as Jerry Kama from a BSP Branch in Lae, Morobe Province.

Mr Damien claims that Mr Kama then told him to send K674 to his account in Lae to allow for the K70, 000 to be released to Mr Damien’s bank account in Port Moresby.

Prior to this, the man asked Mr Damien to provide personal details and bank accounts which Mr Damien provided.

Mr Damien said that the man told him that he was the third of six winners, the first two winners were for Manus and Madang Provinces and they had already received their winnings.

“I believed the guy and I went to borrow K400 from a friend, I was about to send it over but I changed my mind,” he said.

Mr Damien said that he would have sent the money but he decided to check and confirm if he had really won such a promotion.

He said that he realised that this was a scam attempt after going through the text messages, and the account details provided by Mr Kama.

Mr Kama provided bank account details of a Gertrude Ropa to which Mr Damien became highly suspicious and refused to continue the correspondence.

Mr Damien is warning the general public to be very careful of such people because they might be scammers.

He said it is important to check with the company or organisation named in the promotion before doing anything else.

BSP’s public relations and marketing department has confirmed that they are not conducting any of such promotions at this time and such messages or text messages are scams. Next News : PNG MP not happy with Digicel sim-card registration approach
source: Post Courier
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