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Build your own Website with Telikom PNG's Online Solution

Telikom PNG recently launched to the market its online solutions that enables individuals to create and own a website.

Telikom PNG Marketing and Business Development Divisional Manager – Xavier Victor, said Telikom’s Online solution is a product we see will benefit a lot of average Papua New Guineans that have ventured into small to medium businesses where putting your business profile online is essential for a successful business.

“The website is a professional platform to host a company or business information online where market research by its commercial team found that a lot of SMEs, NGOs and even big corporate business houses did not have websites,” Mr Victor remarked.

He added that the website online solution offered by Telikom PNG is a self-serve online development that does not require a web developer or web design skills but comes equip with a range of user friendly templates for customers to choose from. Its features include online payment integrated system, dissemination of personalized newsletters, built in blogs, 2 to 5 email accounts plus other features.

The website online solution is available on Telikom PNG’s website www.telikompng.com.pg or individuals can go straight to the website www.telikompngsites.com. There are two packages being offered at premium and personal rates and service application forms or service enquires for interested customers can call into Telikom business offices.

The internet remains a powerful tool to market products and services and Telikom PNG is confident that the online solution will add value to customers that come online.

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