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Censorship office to promote safer internet surfing in PNG

The Papua New Guinea Censorship Office will visit schools in 10 provinces this year to promote the proper use of the internet.
“It is about the positivity of the internet, what are the good things of the internet,” chief censor Steven Mala said.
“Last year, we made some awareness in almost 20 schools in National Capital District and Central.
“This year, we will go to the provinces and intend to cover 10 provinces.
“We plan to cover two in each region because time is limited and we can’t fit in all the provinces in a year.”
“We will take two provinces in a region – the Highlands, Mamose, New Guinea Islands and Southern.
“We are not going to talk about the negative impact of it; our focus is to talk about the positive side of the internet and its advantages, because we are hoping that we will create a positive mindset in the children.”
“A student would say, ‘I want to learn cooking or sewing or carpentry’, it’s all there online. Or, if I want to further my training, all the information of the institutions can be found online,” Mala said.
The school visits will focus on how the internet can be used to help education and positive information gathering.

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