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Global digital Scam on the rise

WITH digital scam on the rise globally, bank customers have been advised to be very careful and diligent when using digital channels.

A spokesperson from the ANZ Bank said phishing, online scams and other cyber crime was a growing problem internationally.

He said it was a problem for everyone and required a collective effort by governments, law enforcement, banks and customers to fight cyber crime.

The bank has advised customers to do their part by protecting their personal information and confirmed that they had a range of education campaigns in progress to remind customers how they can do this.

The spokesperson said some of the other precautionary measures that bank customers could take included:

* Do not share your internet banking user names and passwords, credit and debit card PINs

* Regularly change your Internet banking password, card PINs

* Protect access to your computer and mobile devices

* Don't open emails from senders you don't recognise

* Contact your bank immediately if you see anything in your bank statement you haven't authorised.

.Fiji Times
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