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How to set up an Online Account with Telikom PNG

If you use Telikom PNG for  Internet Services or even Voice calls (Phone calls), you may want to set up an online account with them. There are several benefits of  the online account.

1. The URL https://sc.telikompng.com.pg  can be accessed without any data on your mobile phone or using a  computer with a modem.
2. Check live balance
3. Transfer Credit
4. Buy Credit (both for voice and data) using credit card.


You must have your new Telikom SIM Card  number if you recently bought it or you can also use your old Telikom SIM Card Number (: Note:  This SIM card can be inserted in your Telikom Mobile Phone or Modem (dongle).  If you have not set up the account as yet, follow the steps below and  create a free account.

1. Enter https://sc.telikompng.com.pg  in your internet browser (assuming you are already online).  You will be taken to a login page as shown below.

2. Your  Username is :   Your SIM Card Number (Phone Number) you got from Telikom
    Passwords  : 123456  Note: This is a default password and you must change it immediately after you created your account.

3. Click on the Submit button to login in.

4. After you log in, change your default password with  a new one.  You will  see  a password settings in your account as shown below and you are done!.

  5. You can now browse the account interface to familiarize yourself with the different settings.  Take note of your Username and the new password you created  for later use.

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