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NASFUND Online Portal

Members of the NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loan Society Limited are now experiencing swift online processing of loan requests via the member online portal.
The introduction of the member online portal has enabled members to view their savings and loan balances, apply for instant savings withdrawals and loans, transfer funds and many other useful functions for the members’ convenience.
Withdrawal and loan applications submitted via the online portal are easier to process as these involve less paperwork and are assessed at the click of a button. NCSL encourages its members to submit applications via the online service for quicker processing.
Lending manager, Bernard Geita urged all members to utilise the online portal to apply for loans as it is more convenient and saves time to manually assess the applications.
“Members applying for 1:1 loans should know this process is now fully automated, and there is no manual intervention and the turn-around time is swift,” Mr Geita said.
He said the 1:2 loan applications will undergo screening and assessment for verification before the application is approved. Once members apply online, they have to confirm with their payroll officers for authorisation before following up with NCSL.”
Mr Geita said the online portal enables the members to view their applications, transactions and also view the progress on the status of their applications. Everything is at the members fingertips for their convenience 
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