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PNG Technology Experts Prepare For Cyber War

A team of experts from the PNG Government, banks, internet service providers and the University of Technology has been set up to protect businesses and the general public from cybercrime.
National Information and Communication Technology (Nicta) chief executive Charles Punaha said the team, called the national computer emergency response team (CERT), was formed to assess internet security risks and to provide assistance to online systems that become victims of hacker attacks.
Punaha said the team was currently working on creating a policy framework to regulate cyber security in Papua New Guinea.
He said other developed nations had similar computer emergency teams which monitored cyber threats globally.
PNG is the second country in the Pacific after Tonga to have a national computer emergency team.
Punaha said Nicta worked closely with Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) to develop the response team.
APNIC is the Regional Internet address Registry (RIR) for the Asia-Pacific region. It provides numbers resource allocation and registration services that support the global operation of the internet.
Punaha said it took three months to put the team together.
He said the construction of a facility for the team has already started.
Punaha said APNIC would continue with capacity-building workshops for members of the response team.
Communications Minister Sam Basil said it was important that PNG had a defence system against cyber threats.
He said research indicated cyber-attack is the third-largest global security concern. “The launch of the PNG CERT comes at a critical time as we play host to Apec,” Basil said.
“We want to ensure a safe cyber environment during the Apec and beyond.”
He said the launch of the response team put PNG on par with developed Apec economies and could boost confidence in developing e-commerce in the country.
The PNG CERT was launched yesterday in Port Moresby.
The CERT 0perations workshop started yesterday and will end today. The National

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