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Telikom PNG restores services

Telikom PNG services are nearing complete restoration in today’s update on the technical glitch that disrupted telecommunication services through the country since Monday evening.

The update provided by Telikom PNG Network Operations center stated that as of this morning Tiare gateway was fully restored while mobile and MSAN services were at 90 percent restoration with some sites or centers yet to come online.

Since early hours of Tuesday (16 January, 2018) morning Telikom engineers were at the Boroko and Ela Beach exchanges to investigate and attend to the glitch in the system. As soon as the fault was attended to the system went into automated restoration with services slowly coming online in Port Moresby and other centers throughout the country. Hence, full restoration of services is anticipated for this evening. However, customers that continue to experience issues with their service lines should contact our 24/7 call center.

Aside from the technical glitch at the Ela Beach exchange, a fibre cut along Ela Beach’s Lane’s street just 700meters away from the Ela Beach exchange over the weekend also led to outage along that route. The fibre was damaged by the civil contactor working in the area. The fibre link was restored this afternoon.

Traffic will be re-routed back to this link to restore normal load as of this evening. Civil contractors are therefore advised to be considerate of telecommunication cables already present at their project development

For further information of service query, customers can contact Telikom PNG Call Center on telephone 3456789 or email customercare@telikompng.com.pg.
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