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Top 5 Windows Apps to Monitor Internet Usage

By the time you connect to the internet, you solely believe that you are the only one using the internet when you browse but sometimes you get a huge bill from your ISP (Internet Services Provider) if you are subscribed to the post pay plan or your data runs out quickly with prepaid plan. There are several reasons for this and so you must monitor the use of your internet. Below are some apps that you can used to monitor your internet connection and data use. 

 1. NetBalancer
One of the powerful tools, NetBalancer, is a network traffic control and monitoring tool. Using the same, you can monitor the whole system including multiple network adapters and the processes as well as the system services. That means you can monitor LAN as well as Wi-Fi connections simultaneously – for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

NetBalancer is built with ease and automation in mind – it can load traffic rules as well as priorities and limits from a network file. Another amazing feature is you can group local network computers and synchronize their network traffic configuration. Last but not the least, NetBalancer also shows speed graph in the tray icon and its mini-window. Dowload NetBalancer

2. Bandwidth Monitor
Bandwidth Monitor by Rokario is another free tool to monitors bandwidth usage for you. Though it is not as powerful as NetBalancer or NetGuard, it does offer a cool set of features for everyday users. It tracks your system’s network speed and bandwidth usage like above tools, but it does not track them up to the process or the service.Bandwidth Monitor 

3. NetTraffic
NetTraffic is the simplest tool in this list but not at all the least powerful. It features support for tracking bandwidth data on multiple network adapters or connections such as LAN and Wi-Fi connections. The tool, however, does not track the users or the apps and the services but just the generalized, system-wide bandwidth usage. NetTraffic

 4. Net Guard
Net Guard by Cucusoft is a freeware unlike NetBalancer but offers most of its awesome features. The tool includes powerful bandwidth monitoring and tracking features that help you keep a watch on system’s network bandwidth. Using the same, you can easily set global network limit and catch any program overusing the bandwidth. Net Guard

NetworkUsageView, unlike above tools, is a network usage viewer rather than a full-fledged network monitor. Because Windows does not collect bandwidth usage data in old versions, this tool works only on Windows 8 and later releases. Nevertheless, it does show the necessary bandwidth usage info but does not offer floating window. Net Guard
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