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Digicel first to sign up with Tui Samoa Cable

Digicel today announced, it’s the first company to sign up with the Tui Samoa cable.

This announcement follows the announcement made earlier this month about it investing WST$25 million (US$9.9 million) in upgrading its network.

The official contract signing ceremony took place at the Samoa Submarine Cable Company landing station today and was presided by Digicel Samoa CEO, Farid Mohammed and SSCC Board Chairman, Leiataua Alden Godinet.

“This is a historical moment and exciting news for the people of Samoa and our customers. The activation of this cable network is yet another first-to-market for Digicel and a significant investment designed to equip Samoa with the most modern and world class communications and entertainment infrastructure and service. Our ambition is to continue to work with the Government of Samoa to improve the country’s rate of Internet penetration, a key driver of economic growth.” said Digicel Samoa Chief Executive Officer, Farid Mohammed.

“The vision of the Government of Samoa and its 6 partner investors in the Tui-Samoa submarine cable was to provide fast, reliable and affordable internet for the people of Samoa. Today, is a significant milestone as it represents the Tui-Samoa first long-term commitment from a major customer and provides evidence that the Tui-Samoa has been able to deliver upon its promise. I am very excited to welcome Digicel Samoa Ltd on-board the Tui Samoa Cable with its 7-year commitment to ensure fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity for Digicel customers. Samoa submarine would like to acknowledge the Government of Samoa for its leadership, Samoa submarine investors for their vision and our development partners for their support (ADB, World Bank) in making the Tui Samoa Cable project a reality”, SSCC Board Chairman, Leiataua Alden Godinet commented.

The signing of the agreement brings Digicel one step closer to being the proud operator of the network that will provide a dramatic increase in broadband with the most reliable and efficient internet available in the market.

The next step is to complete the technical connectivity between the Digicel network and the Tui Samoa cable following a series of tests before the service is made available to the customers.



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