Digital technology eyed in development of workplace skills

The call for balance in the labour market resonates clearly across the Asia-Pacific region as the need grows for the use of digital technology in the workplace, says Labour Secretary Mary Morola says.
Speaking at the Apec human resources development (HRD) working group symposium of the senior officials meeting yesterday, Morola said that as a regional player and driver of economic growth and development, the importance of human capital development was important.
Morola is also chairwoman of the HRD working group
She said the symposium helped discussions in how digital technology can be used to develop labour markets, skills and training and social protection.
“The symposium connects and delivers the key priorities of the framework, unlocking PNG’s HRD aspirations and growing them in the digital age,” Morola said.
“As the host economy, PNG joins the economies of the region and reiterates its commitments to advising human capital development through a consortium of key areas that the digital framework highlights for action to be taken by economies.”
Morola said the symposium would focus on skills and competency needs to improve productivity in the agricultural sector and along the supply chain promoting skills training, research and strengthening integrity of cross-border education.
“We are hopeful that through this dialogue and discussions and contributions by the economies with our regional partners and friends, we can foster a greater network in collaboration of thoughts, ideas and plans that contribute to the delivery of digital framework and have a direct and lasting positive impact in growing the human resources that must be robust and relevant to the region,” she said.
HRD working group’s lead shepherd Prof Dong Sun Park said the symposium was a meaningful step forward to continue close cooperation based on past achievements by examining and discussing the impact of digital age on human capital development.
Park said the symposium would find solutions and identify areas of collaborations between members and stakeholders to advance the skills, education and training needs that can promote sustainable and economic and social growth. The National


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