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Technology Company DATEC PNG takes new approach

DATEC PNG has a new approach to help PNG customers understand and fully benefit from evolving modern technology.
The new approach is a partnership between Datec and Eaton Industries of Australia, a 20 years relationship forged to expose Eaton to Datec’s PNG customer base.
Datec sales executive Raghu Pathi said technology is a developing market in PNG.
“We as leaders in this market are now tasked to create awareness and educate the clients in the country so that technology users are up to par,” Mr Pathi said.
Eaton Industries is a technology company that manufactures uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units.
UPS is a backup power supply system that is housed in units slightly smaller than the central processing unit (CPU).
The UPS unit can have an increased power supply if connected in a parallel system.
Solutions specialist with Eaton, Laine Kidner said the advancement in technology was important for business in an environment like PNG.
“The number of power outages is shocking and it is important that end users must be able to protect their computers and other white goods used for daily business operations,” Mr Kidner said. He said the use of an UPS is one way of protecting equipment.
“By using a UPS, there is guaranteed business continuity for edge computing, because there are other manageable costs that can be incurred during a downtime,” he said.
Mr Kidner said agility was also another aspect that must also be considered.
“What to do next during an outage and also sizing up for a downtime are factors that prove the use of a UPS is paramount considering business growth.
He said efficiency must be considered because the cost of doing business does not come on a quote.
Mr Pathi said there have been major developments in the UPS business and Eaton UPS has a global reach with a local responsiveness.


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