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Digicel switched on Tui Samoa Internet data cable

Digicel today revealed its data service is now switched on the Tui Samoa cable, meaning customers will now experience the most reliable and efficient data services with Digicel, the first company to provide internet on the Tui Samoa cable.

Founder and chairman of the Digicel Group, Denis O’Brien was in Samoa to mark the launch and said. “First of all, I am delighted to be back in Samoa and this is a special moment as we have invested in modern technology as partners in the Tui Samoa cable, today it’s a historical occasion as our customers get to enjoy the best in data services. I would like to congratulate the Samoan Government for doing a great job in seeing through this project which won’t only benefit Samoa but other Pacific countries. As investors and partners in the Tui Samoa cable, this is a historical moment.”

“We value our customers who are at the forefront of all decisions we make, we know that majority of our customers are frequent data users and this new revolution in technology fits well into the Digicel 2030 goals.”

“We have spent millions of US dollars in upgrading our network to see the full benefits of the Tui Samoa cable and I am proud to say that more than 90% of the population will have 4G coverage to take advantage of the world class service the cable will provide.”

“Samoa now has access to high-speed broadband which is crucial innovation for economic development as well as new technologies, and I am encouraged that the Tui Samoa cable will enhance this process. This initiative will help the business, education and health sectors which would positively affect the lives of all Samoan people. I often hear that broadband really is the electricity of the modern age.”

“Digicel’s investment and the broadband service via Tui Samoa cable once again depict the commitment by the company for the island state.”

“I am also saddened by the destruction left behind by Cyclone Gita which ravaged the island earlier this month, my well wishes are with the people of Samoa as they work hard to recover and continue with life and business.”
As part of the launch, Digicel Samoa will also be unveiling simplified data plans in the market and fully utilise this amazing technological advancement for Samoa. Customers will now have zero outages with improved end user .

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