How to change Font on Weebly blog or website is extremely an online blog ,website , online store ,forum  builder that is used to build platforms that is  delivering intended needs for business or individual use.  Weebly'.com dragging and dropping interface and flexibility is an effortless simple and easy to use website builder that anyone can use to build a website. interface is variable adaptable and empowers clients to change and enhance textual styles without trouble, content shading, size and line dividing for their sites or blog and the steps below outline that. 

Step 1. to to and login. 

Step 2. Enter user Name and Password

Step 3. Select the website you want to change the font size.

Step 4:  After you entered your sites interface, select Theme ( see diagram label 1 below). Then you click on Change Font on the left pane (label 2). 

Step 5 : You can change the font style for each of the categories as shown below.  Simply click on the menu styles and make necessary changes to the font. 

Step 6: After you make changes to the font styles, make sure to Publish your website to effect the changes. 

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