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A new Technology for PNG Nasfund Balance checker

A new technology system to be introduced by National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund) Limited will allow for its customers to have easy and convenient access to accessing their account balances.
This is to help customers who lost their membership identification cards and do not have their credit cards when already in bank queues as well as those with a low literacy level.
Chief officer member service and speaker, Charlie Gilichibi said this during the National Superannuation Fund Employer onference at Lae International hotel yesterday.
Mr Gilichibi spoke about member service initiative saying that Nasfund in Lae looks after more than 300 companies and more than 3000 members.
“We look after 300 plus companies and 3000 plus members of Nasfund and we have realised that most of our members are illiterate and laborers residing in Lae,” he said.
Mr Gilichibi said with this new technology system to be introduced soon, Nasfund will make it easier for their members or customers especially those who are illiterate and cannot go through procedures to just use their fingers to get access to their accounts.
“This new technology is more advanced than doing finger print, you will not place your finger on the screen, however, just float it close to the screen so that the infrared will do the scanning to detect your finger and give access to your account balance,” he said.
He explained that it is not something to be afraid of, it is already being established in the European countries and the same will be done in PNG as well.
Nasfund officer in charge of Lae office, Steven Gerega added that Nasfund is moving ahead to create better services for the customers in the long run and encouraged the Nasfund employers to be part of this new technology development.
“Changes is inevitable that is why we try our best to help our members or customers and the only thing that will drive and promote our work is building good partnerships among different companies and organisations,” said Mr Gerega.. Post Courier/ PNGeHow


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