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Enjoy cheapest Internet in PNG : Telikom gives out free 4G SIM Cards

Now you can enjoy the cheapest and fastest internet in Papua New Guinea with Telikom PNG. Telikom is giving away free 4G SIM cards to anyone who present their smart phones in their outlets around the country. Simply follow the steps below to participate in this promotion. Yes, the 4G SIM cards are all free. Simply follow the steps below and get a 4G SIM card now.

1. Present your smart phone at any Telikom outlet (It has to be your mobile phone, not anyone else).
2. The Telikom guys will check your phone. If your phone is 3G/4G compatible, then you will get a free Telikom SIM Card. 
3. Insert the SIM card in your mobile phone. You can use it for cheaper Internet as well as voice calls. 

Tip.  You can use internet with Telikom while Digicel and Bmobile Vodafone for voice calls,

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