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ICT Sector a catalyst for Economy growth for Papua New Guinea

THE Information and Communication Technology sector is a catalyst for economic growth.

This is according to Minister for Communications, Information Technology and Energy Sam Basil when responding to queries by Post-Courier on digital economy and its benefit to Papua New Guinea.

“We make sure we make it easier for the citizens to use and have access to an apparatus such as mobile phone that can process data and internet and of course the computers,” said Mr Basil.

He reiterated this must be made cheaper and affordable and also piggy back onto the current network system that Digicel and two other mobile phone companies have already rolled out. He said once there is good access to affordable product then there will be focus on making internet date become affordable.

“Meaning that such cables as the Sydney one that comes into Papua New Guinea, Dataco will be the wholesaler and distributor, we make sure that we tell them look Fijians are making it cheaper and we must go cheaper,” said Mr Basil.

“We have now got cable network, 70 % of it by grant so that is nobody recouping money out of it and so we must not say that we going to pay back something, it’s a grant.”

He added taking ownership and being responsible is another issue and cyber security and cyber crime.

He said from the communication’s perspective mobile phones is playing a very important role for us in Papua New Guinea.

“Making sure we transect many of our activities from mobile phones and we have started recently by asking the operators to help the government to make that all SIM Card are registered so that from there on we will make sure we add on other products phones can carry like mobile wallet,” said Mr Basil.
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