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Telikom PNG new data plans : Is it increase or decrease in prices?

Whatever the reasons are, either merger Telikom PNG is undergoing or changing commodity prices, the nationally owned Telecommunication Company (TelikomPNG ) has made changes to  their data plans. We enjoyed cheaper internet for the last couple of years but starting May, you are going to dig deeper to connect to the WWW.

We here at PNG's No : 1 Technology Websites - PNG eHow, detail  the new plans Telikom PNG has implemented.

Plan 1.   (1/3/7 Days plan )
For this plan, it is good news though the prices are reduced compared to the previous prices. However, we enjoyed 30 days plans but this now has been reduced to 7 days plan.
Price                Data                        Days
K2.00              60MB                        Validity: 1 Day
K3.00             100MB                       Validity: 3 Days
K5.00             200MB                       Validity: 1 Day
K6.00             400MB                       Validity: 1 Day
K10.00           600MB                       Validity: 7 Days    (was K9 before for 21 days)
K18.00           1GB                            Validity: 7 Days   (was Kina before for 21 days)
K30.00           2GB                            Validity: 7 Days   (was K40 before for 30 days)
K45.00           3GB                            Validity: 7 Days  (was K60 before for 30 days)

Plan 2 (14/21/28 days plan)
For this plans, note that the prices have been increased significantly. Also the number of days are reduced.  There is no 30 day plan anymore.

Price.                               Data                                  Days                            Comment

K21.00                           600MB                            Validity: 21 Days     (increase in price)
K35.00                           1GB                                Validity: 21 Days      (increase in price K25 to K35)
K60.00                           2GB                                Validity: 21 Days      (increase in price)
K80.00                           3GB                                Validity: 21 Days     (increase in price K60 to K80)
K90.00                           5GB                                 Validity: 21 Days     (huge increase in price)
K125.00                         7GB                                 Validity: 21 Days
K130.00                        10GB                               Validity: 21 Days
K160.00                        15GB                               Validity: 21 Days
K135.00                         5GB                                 Validity: 28 Days
K175.00                          7GB                                Validity: 28 Days
K199.00                         10GB                                 Validity: 28 Days
K250.00                          15GB                                Validity: 28 Days

How we see it:   It can be mathematically concluded that the prices of the data plans are proportional to the number of days. in other words, as the number of days in each plan is increased, so as well as the prices.

The good news is that, the prices did not increase exponentially and thus we can still enjoy cheaper data on the Telikom Network on the reduced days plans. This is much better than other networks where exorbitant prices are implemented.

See screen shot below for more details.


Telikom PNG and Bmobile-Vodafone merger to be completed by 2019

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