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Digicel sends out deceptive EasiPay Shutdown text messages, causes confusion

 Electricity users that are on the PNG Power EasiPay system  throughout the country were caught by surprise today when Mobile Phone Company Digicel sent out Text messages on its networking telling its customers  to spend more money  to get  Power EasiPay units for 15 days. The following message was sent out on every mobile on the Digicel Network.

" Due to system upgrade, EasiPay services via *775# will be offline for next 15 days starting June 30.  Dial *775*meterno*amt# to buy more power units for this period"

As a result of this message, every EasiPay outlets in the city saw hundreds of people lining up to purchase the power units.  Some used the Digicel network to purchase Power Units.

However, PNG Power  released a statement advising their customers that there will be a total outage of its Easipay system for 24 hours between 12pm Saturday 30th June and 12pm Sunday 1st July 2018 and not 15 days as stated in the message circulated by the mobile carrier. PNG Power said the 24 hours  shutdown   will  affect all Easipay topups including PNG Power outlets as well as Bemobile and Digicel phone topups.

So Digicel took advantage of the notice released by PNG Power and sent out the deceptive and wrong text message notices to all the mobiles phones on its network. Many Power customers spent huge amount of money on the mobile phone network already  to purchase Power Units for 15 days. So a fortune for Digicel to make money with the 15 days deceptive message. Another tactic used by Digicel to rob their customers.

Digicel needs to explain clearly to its subscribers that its own phone topup outage is different from the PNG Power system shutdown.


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