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Technology boost will help PNG army

WHILE the number of Papua New Guinea troops would increase from the current 220 manning the country’s more than 800 kilometre border, there is need for technology surveillance for effective border security.

Commander of the PNG Defence Force Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo said the need to invest in surveillance technology, which the military is currently in need of, is vital for effective border security.

“We would like to enhance by having more troop presence, but at the same time we need to enhance technology to provide enhanced security.

“220 (troops) is what we have always been providing, but we would like to see more permanent troop presence, and when we have the budget, we will also complement it with technology in terms of surveillance equipment that can provide surveillance where our troops are not present,” he said.

Brig-Gen Toropo said as part of its 10,000 men plan and 2013 white paper, the PNGDF aims to strengthen the country’s borders with permanent structures along with troops and technology to give awareness.

“Like modern surveillance equipment that can give us awareness where our troops can respond to immediately, both on land and maritime,” he said.

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