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How to set up Internet on Digicel Mobile Phones or devices

If you just bought a new digicel phone, you can set up internet by following the simple steps below.

1. Set up internet through SMS Code

To get internet settings on your device or mobile phones send an SMS (text message) writing “setup” to 1651; you will receive the setting within 1 hour.  Once you receive the internet setting, please save the settings on your device.

2. Call Customer Care.

A customer agent will send you the internet settings to your phone. Simply set it up as instructed.
You can call our customer care at 123 to get help.

3. Putting your Mobile Phone in Data Mode

A. Android

  •  Go to "Settings" and select "More"
  •  Select "Mobile Networks"
  •  Then select go and select "Access Point Names" or "APNs"
  • Select "Add New APN"

 B. iOS

  • 1. Tap Settings
  • 2. Select General
  • 3. Go to Cellular
  • 4. Then select Cellular Data Network
  • 5. Tap APN


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