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Internet Pricing in PNG , a comparison of Data prices from Digicel, Telikom PNG and Bmobile-Vodafone

 By PNG Internet 

Quick analysis of current mobile data plans with Telikom's new prices as of August 2018.
Telikom still the cheapest per MB but no longer our carrier of choice. Not happy with only 2 30 day plans, too much hassle to buy 2 bundles a month with the 14 day plans. We can understand their price increases as they were previously considerably cheaper than competitors, however their dismal coverage across rural PNG should be the reason for that.
The 21 day 5GB plan is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get mobile data for mobile use. If you want home internet, their 15GB 30 day plan is still the cheapest but not by much! We have notices that they are not sending SMSs to us letting us know data is running low or about to expire, keep an eye on it!
bmobile is also owned by Kumul Consolidated just like Telikom PNG so switching to them is still giving the same people money.
If you are light mobile user, the bmobile K110 plan for 3.5GB is good value. If you want home internet, the K285 10GB is great value.
Digicel still has far superior coverage across PNG but suffers from congestion during peak hours. Their current K110 for 5GB is EXCELLENT value, let's hope it sticks around. For home internet, the K450 for 13GB is not good value, you are better off bulk buying 5GB bundles!
Remember to stay up to 10pm and buy your 4GB Telikom bundles for app updates and downloads, by far the cheapest data in PNG.
Included Datec for K per MB comparison if you are holding out in getting a permanent home connection. Are you interested in a home internet analysis or does everyone use mobile internet for home use?

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