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Telikom PNG, BMobile Internet Data Costs Still Lower, says PM O'Neill

PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says Telikom and bmobile phone charges are still lower than Digicel’s.
O’Neill was responding to questions by East Sepik Governor Alan Bird.
He said that he was not aware of any National Executive Council (NEC) decision that had increased charges by Telikom PNG Ltd and bmobile.
He said in terms of the rollout of the services, there was only the 4G network being rolled out by Telikom for which full details would be given in Parliament this week.
“I’m not aware of a NEC decision that endorsed the price increases by Telikom and bmobile and I don’t believe that NEC has endorsed such a price increase.
This is because we leave the state-owned entities to make their own decisions about operational matters through the board and management structure that they have.”
Bird had claimed that NEC had approved the new 5G network and after receiving this infrastructure, it proceeded to increase telecommunication prices.
Its justification was that it needed to cover its operational costs.
“This is now putting burden on the people.
“The business rationale is all wrong,” he said.
Bird had asked that a review be conducted and he gave an undertaking to the people in light of the commitments to Apec.
“The high cost of communication in the country is an additional burden to trade and to our ordinary citizens in the country,” he said.
O’Neill assured Parliament that he would get Telikom PNG and Kumul Consolidated Holdings to provide a full report which he would give to Parliament.
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