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Digicel brings back DTOK smartphones

DIGICEL has announce the return of the DTOK 4G LTE smartphone, with the best offer in town.
Digicel customers upon purchase of a DTOK 4G LTE smartphone will receive 20GB free data to surf the web, update status on Facebook and share photos and videos on
WhatsApp, plus unlimited free talk.
The DTOK has hit the shelves for K199 at all Digicel stores nationwide.
The DTOK was first introduced in November last year and has been loved by all smartphone users, both old and young.
“This is a very unique smartphone for those who are consistently on social media,” said Digicel PNG senior vice-president and chief sales officer Lorna McPherson.
“It’s affordable at K199 and it has all the features you would get in a high-end smartphone.
“It’s a 4G smartphone which means is very fast and you can download or upload photos and videos within minutes.”
The DTOK is 4G enabled, has an 8MB pixel camera, a wide screen, lthe atest Android OS operating system, and SD card slot should you need extra storage.
Digicel also has its latest feature phone, the Wowi, currently in the market K39.

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