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Job: ICT Administrator

We are seeking to recruit a suitable and qualified candidate for the role of Head of Technology Solutions to join our Information Technology Team. The incumbent will report to the Chief Technology Officer and will oversee and advise on all aspects of the role’s functions.

  • Manages software development projects in accordance with Kina’s technology plans.
  • Leads software engineering studies and evaluation of systems and equipment designs and novel concepts.
  • Working closely with Kina’s businesses identifies opportunities to introduce innovation to gain competitive advantage, improve efficiency etc. Constantly scans the environment to identify innovative and novel new software solutions. Drives the development and execution of innovation in the development of software including both bespoke and off the shelf software solutions. software solutions.
  • Utilises Business Intelligence software to deliver reports to Kina’s business units.
  • Manages the proper backup and storage of software source codes. Monitor performance, investigate and remedy failures in computer and software systems and networks.
  • Ensures that solutions deployed have technical integrity, stability, are secure and are scalable to Kina growing operations. Diagnoses and fixes bugs.
  • Analyzes the needs of Kina’s business to develop strategies designed to optimize system value and leverage development and support capabilities.
  • Manage and prioritize the development/modification of platform capabilities.
  • Manage resource utilization based on business priorities and ensure all project deliverables are achievable according to task estimates.
  • Allocate available resources to meet operating objectives. Interact with direct reports, customers and peers to share information and improve cross-departmental processes.
  • Assists in maintaining 24x7 operations on all software systems and plans outages to minimize the impact on business operations.
  • Provides technical leadership, guidance and assistance to staff.
  • Consults with Kina’s executive and senior level managers regarding software projects and/or issues pertaining to software development.
  • Presents a professional image as a representative of the company and represent Kina in various external forums.
  • Establish and maintain effective professional working relationships with members of Kina’s Executive, IT co-workers, and staff.
  • Works closely with the Projects Office to deliver IT projects.
  • Write and maintain documentation on software systems. Writes technical procedures and documentation for the applications including operations, user guides etc.
  • Forecasts costs, equipment and personnel needs for software development.
  • Stays abreast of the latest developments in software development and remains highly competent in relevant programming languages and with all software used across Kina’s businesses.
  • Prepare long and short-range plans for the development of new software.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with contractors and equipment suppliers

Job Requirements:
  • Strong knowledge of relevant information technology software development languages, tools and methodologies.
  • Ability to learn and work on changing technologies
  • Technical IT knowledge of software development
  • Problem Solving, Project Management, IT testing, software development methodologies etc.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A minimum 5 years of experience working in the development of complex information technology. Systems (banking context preferred but not mandatory).
  • Strong understanding of information technology concepts and processes.
  • Sound leadership skills including the ability to convey vision and direction setting for both project team and business partners.
  • The ability to use knowledge of mission and core strategy as a basis to develop specific objectives and goals.The ability to be viewed as expert, highly sought after resource, a key advisor to KBL and other businesses.
Please send applications by 12 October 2018 with resume and three (3) current referees through to:
Email hr@kina.com.pg
Mail Group Manager Human Capital, Kina Securities Limited, PO Box 1141, Port Moresby
Hand Deliver Level 9, Kina Haus, Port Moresby
Closing Date 12 October 2018

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