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PNG Govt wants new law to protect people using internet to do business

The Papua New Guinea  Government has been urged to act on the new e-commerce bill to protect people who do business on the internet.
PNG Constitutional and Law Reform Commission chairman Robert Atiyafa told the Australian Law Reform Agencies conference in Port Moresby yesterday that Government agencies had been working on an e-commerce legislation to go before Parliament.
“The enactment of the E-Commerce Bill aims to create a legal framework which promotes the growth and strengthening of the ICT sector which in turn will propel the development of our country,” Atiyafa said. Legal infrastructure, legal certainty, legal security, legal protection and legal deterrence were issues that needed careful attention when dealing with the use of ICT, he said.
Atiyafa said when people talked about ICT, reference was made to the National Information and Communication Technology Authority Act. But there are other legislations such as the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2000, the Patents and Industrial Designs Act 2000, the Independent Consumer Competition Commission Act 2002, the Companies Act 1997, the Defamation Act 1962, the National Payment System Act 2013 and the Anti-Money Laundering and
Counter Terrorist Financing Act 2015.
“With the rapid use of ICT services, we expect challenges including the need to regulate criminal activities taking place over the use of internet,” he said.

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