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PNG Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology wants only Online School Leaver forms

STUDENTS leaving grade 12 can only apply to tertiary institutions using the National Online Application System, says Papua New Guinea Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Pila Niningi.
He said it was the only official selection system for grade 12 students applying for further studies at any registered higher education institutions for 2019.
Niningi said the information on the system being relayed by the acting Chancellor of the University of PNG was incorrect and could be misleading. He said the ministry and the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology will only recognise students who enrolled through the system.
The system has benefits such as more choices for school leavers, more information, more time to make decisions.
The department has made great progress in improving transparency, accountability and efficiency.
The system was used for the first time last year. This year, Niningi invited all higher education institutions to comment on how to enhance the software to meet expectations.
“I believe that we have well developed the National Online Application System,” he said.
As of Oct 26 this year, 28,575 (99 per cent) of students registered to apply online and 24, 893 (86 per cent) have made their choices, Niningi said.

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