5 Ways for Papua New Guineans to make money

In Papua New Guinea there are numerous ways  one can make money to sustain  living. One does not need a big capital to invest to  start making money, leave that to the Asians and the foreigners as they dominate in that area in this country.

Ordinary Papua New Guineans can use simple ways to make money online. At PNGeHow we try to inspire Papua New Guineans by giving them free tips on technology and  making money  on this website. This is  second posts on opportunities that are available for Papua New Guineans to make money . Our first posts wast on : How to make money online with Infolinks

  1. Agriculture

Papua New Guineans have the resources and the land. Make garden and plant crops. There are high demand in food in this country. One can become a millionaire by selling cash crops. Try it now!

Livestock: Raise poultry, piggery, fish ponds, cattle, sheep, etc.  This is one of the avenues where one can make money for a living.

2. Craft Work: sell carvings,  painting, traditional clothe design, bilums, bilum dress, bilum caps, meri blause, necklaces, hearings, arm bends, bilas, bow and arrow, traditional axe.

3. Transport: Invest your money in Transports : Boats, Ships, canoes, Taxis, PMV buses, shuttles, Hire cars, Tours, planes, helicopters.

4. Register a Small business:  Finance Business, Stores, Printing, Bookshops. How to register a business tips are given here: How to start a business in PNG

5. Education: Education is the pinnacle of change. One can be educated and earn money or make wise decisions in live to sustain life. Papua New Guineans must now invest in education.

In our next post, we will look at how Papua New Guineans can make money online . We will look at how you can convert your Computers and Mobile phones into money making machines. Subscribe for for post alerts by entering your email on the subscribe form available on the side bar. 

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