Telecommunications firms merger underway, says PNG Minister Duma

Papua New Guinea's Minster for Public Enterprise and State Investment William Duma says Cabinet has decided to merge the three telecommunications companies under one umbrella and a new managing-director has been recruited.
Duma told The National that new managing director Paul Hyde started work last month.
“The State-owned company Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd is in operation and they were working through the integrating of the
telecommunication assets,” he said.
“We have Telikom mobile company with 4G network and BMobile, an older mobile company with 3G networks, so we are making it in such a way that they become one mobile company.
“The merger of the telecommunication companies is underway and we should be able to see a fully functional company with three smaller companies in full operation by June this year.”
Meanwhile, Duma said the merger for Water PNG and Eda Ranu was progressing well with Raka Taviri taking charge of both companies.
“We have amendments that will come before Parliament, hopefully in the next sitting,” he said.
“The amendments are in such a way so we have one water company.”
Since the approval by Cabinet last year, the two entities started the merger process.
Water PNG operated on the Water and Sanitation Act 2016 while Eda Ranu operated on the NCD Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1996.
The NCD Water and Sewerage Act will be repealed and Eda Ranu will be put under the Water and Sanitation Act 2016 and they operate as one. The National / PNGeHow

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