Top Internet Data promotion for video calling this January in PNG

At PNGeHow, we monitor and report technology developments in PNG and the world.  For this month, Digicel PNG has announced an Internet Data pack promotion on its mobile network. 

The detail of this promotion is outlined below.

Data              Cost                         Duration

500MB          K3                           1hr

So you pay K3 only to get 0.5G  for an 1hour. This is good data pack if you are using  video calling apps like, skype, imo, messengers , google + etc  to make calls overseas or within the country. 

Pros : You take more air time calling (either voice or video ) over the internet. You can download files less than 500Mb quickly. You can also buy this data pack multiple times in a day. 

Cons:  The data package is limited to 1hr and expires immediately after an hour. 

Note: We do not deal with this company to promote their products on this site and this post is not a promotion. This  post only informs the general public we believe will benefit the internet users in the country. Thus we are not forcing you to use  the service detailed above.  You have the freedom of Choice. Happy Browsing!
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