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Mobile Phones are Expensive - be wise

In Papua New Guinea , Mobile Phones and their usages  are becoming expensive and users  are warned of unpredictable  impact they have on daily living. In Papua New Guinea, Mobiles Phones were recently introduced not a decade ago and had been selling as hotcakes.

Many people including husbands, wives, students, children are sacrificing their family budgets, School fees, savings, lunch moneys etc to buy Mobile phones and call/data  units.

 On the assumption that  a couple who are working and have two children/ (daughter, Son)  may spend their entire family money  on mobile phones.

Purchasing Phones 
Husband : K200 - K3000  worth Sumsung Galaxy  /S7,8,9 etc    average K1000
Wife : K200-K3000 worth of Sumsum/Blackberry/Huawei         average K1000         
Son: : K200- K3000 worth Sumsung/Huawei/Iphon/Blackberry/Nokia/ average K1000
Daughter : K200-K3000 worth Sumsung/Huawei/Iphon/Blackberry/Nokia/ K1000

so on average the family is spending about K4000 on purchasing mobile phones.

Buying Data and Voice Calls

Husband : @K20/day     for Voice and Data
Wife         @K10/day      for Voice and Data
Son:          @K10/day      for voice and Data
Daughter   @K10/day     for voice and data

So K50 combined for the family per day, that is equivalent to K50 x 2weeks = K700/fortnight.

So this family may spend on average K700 for a fortnight x 26 fortnights in a year is roughly around K18 000/year.  This is just an example we detailed here.

Switch to Saving Mode 

We at PNGeHow understand that Mobile carriers in the country are robbing phone users by stealing or there are claims of disappearing units (here is a claim of video example: View here).  We will publish an article about mobile phone carriers in the country soon.

So Papua New Guineans  have to be very wise in using their phones. Cut down on  use of mobile phones and accessing social media  and unnecessary calls, save money for yourself and do something good for yourself or your family.

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